My goal with this website

That’s me! My name is Philip Markuszewski. I am a first born child from a long line of Polish people.

I see topics like finance, fitness, and nutrition are often taught with way too much complexity to the point that people get extremely confused and distracted by all the noise. I want to work to eliminate that by making articles that are simple to understand for people who are interested in any of these subjects. Activities like losing weight, gaining strength or endurance, and getting fit are quite simple when you get down the bottom of it. For whatever reason people online like to make it extremely complicated with crazy workout routines and programs that claim you will look like Batman with two weeks of training. And when you think about it, exercise and diet is just another form of investing. Instead of money, you are just using time and sweat. There are also tons of theories out there about investing but it seems like the most successful methods are the simplest and most forgotten. I guess you cannot teach a full college course when the biggest factor in investing is just your temperament.

I will be posting some workouts that I do, investing ideas I have, or food that I make that doesn’t turn out like garbage. I also plan on posting other random stuff like experiences I have had, studies I find interesting, or books I like. I really believe that by simplifying these topics and by learning them from the ground up, anybody can make huge improvements to their life. If you want an example, a lot of finance uses made up and complex words to describe really basic concepts that anybody can understand. It is just a matter of realizing this that is the biggest step forward. I hope anybody reading this likes what I have so say and I am really curious to see where this evolves!